Would you like to take part in the Feeling at Home research project?

Our Feeling at Home project examines what helps adults with learning disabilities living together with other group home residents to feel at home where they live. We will use a participatory photography method called Photovoice. This makes it easier for people with learning disabilities to let us know through photos and captions what makes them feel at home where they live. And also what gets in the way of this. We will have a public exhibition of the photos to share the messages of the research.

Have a look around our website for more information about the project www.feelingathome.org.uk

Who can take part in the research?

  • Residents with learning disabilities in London and Brighton: If a resident wants to take part, we will give them cameras and help them take photos in their homes. We will talk about the photos together in a group and plan the exhibition together.
  • Resident support staff: We also want to interview support staff about this topic.
  • Family members of people with learning disabilities living with other group home residents: We want to talk to parents, siblings, and others to hear their views about what they think helps their relative feel ‘at home’.

Please share this blog post through your organisation and with your networks, and anyone you think might be interested in taking part in the research.

What to do next?

If you would like to take part or know residents or staff or relatives who might be interested:

  • Contact us directly for more information.
  • We can come and talk to staff teams or residents individually or in a group.
  • You can share our participant information videos. These are in Easy Read format and help explain each step of the research.


For any questions, contact Katy email katy.brickley@kcl.ac.uk or phone 07791 071850.