Our final feedback event coming in 2024

The Feeling at Home study is sadly coming to an end in December this year. But we would love you to join us for an online feedback event in March 2024.  At this online event, we will

  • discuss what we have learnt about home over the last 3 years
  • hear from members of our research team and groups
  • think about how we can use what we found out
  • share the co-produced Feeling at Home checklist and toolkit

We will send out more details soon!

Contact Katy on katy.brickley@kcl.ac.uk if you have any questions.

photo of man with speech bubble saying 'it makes me happy to have my own space where I can play music, eat nice food and not have to deal with bossy people'

Lots of colourful post-it notes with handwritten comments, for example, Music! Snuggling on the couch, I like my home to be quiet. There are also some stickers mixed in with the post-it notes of things you might find around the home. For example, a bath tub, a sofa, some plants.