About Feeling at Home

Project outline

What helps you ‘feel at home’ in your house or flat? Maybe these things help you feel at home:

  • Having photos of your family and friends around you
  • Having a private space where no one bothers you
  • Inviting friends round to watch the football on TV
  • Being friends with the people who live on your street

‘Feeling at home’ helps us feel happy, secure and relaxed.

When people with learning disabilities live together in a house or flat with staff support, we can be fairly sure that the place they live is safe and clean. But do they feel ‘at home’? And how do staff help them to feel ‘at home’?

In this research project we want to find out from people with learning disabilities what helps them feel at home where they live and what gets in the way of ‘feeling at home’. We have money for the project from the National Institute of Health Research’s School for Social Care Research.

The project started in January 2021 and will run until the end of December 2023.

There will be lots of ways for people with learning disabilities and staff who work with them to join in with the research.

Ethical Approval

The Social Care Research Ethics Committee (REC) approved the Feeling project on the 18th November 2021. This means that the REC has looked closely at our research plans, our participant information, consent forms, and other information materials. The REC considers our research project to be following current ethical standards. If you want more information, please contact Katy Brickley on katy.brickley@kcl.ac.uk.